A message about stewardship from Richard Warber, Retired Pastor GMS

Here is a way to help overcome the usual “SUMMER SLUMP” in congregational giving by our members. Urge every member to Give Your Offering Before You Go On Vacation. That has proved successful in many congregations who hold the emphasis in front of their members during the “SUMMER VACATION” months.

When congregations overcome the “SUMMER SLUMP” their treasurers can fulfill their congregations commitments for MISSION SUPPORT for our Greater Milwaukee Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

may mission support chart

Our GMS Mission Support is off to a slow start in the first four months of this new year. We are nearly $50,000 below last year. The 5th month of June looks like the “SUMMER SLUMP” has taken effect in many congregations and our Synod.

The “GOOD NEWS” is that 95 congregations who made commitments for this year have been sending Mission Support regularly. If the other 30 committed congregations would send offerings we would be near our commitment of $731,000 for the first four months.

GYOBYGOV by all of our members in each congregation will enable their leadership to direct treasurers to fulfill their commitments each month during the “SUMMER” with “NO SLUMP.” Let us remember Paul’s words to the Corinthians (II Corinthians 7:16) … “I rejoice because I have complete confidence in you (the Corinthian Church) as he pointed to the churches of Macedonia who

in their severe ordeal of affliction,

their abundant joy and extreme poverty,

have overflowed in a wealth of generosity,

they voluntarily gave of their means and beyond their means,

begging earnestly for the privilege of sharing in ministry to the saints (in Jerusalem) not merely as expected,


Richard Warber, Retired Pastor
Greater Milwaukee Synod Stewardship Committee

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