Dear Caring Adults of the Greater Milwaukee Synod:

Welcome Home! Have you dried out? Have you caught up on your sleep? Does it seem strangely quiet? Will you (or your youth) ever be the same? How were you transformed?

We prepared for months for the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering. We each journeyed with our personal and group prayers, hopes, anticipations and expectations, maybe even some fears.

In the pre-gathering trainings through-out our synod, Elisabeth, Michelle, Rebecca, and my mantra was, “Be prepared for the unexpected. Be flexible.” Some of the surprises you encountered were humorous, some extremely frustrating and testing of one’s patience and other situations were challenging emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You and I have each returned home with a story . . . your story, my story and God’s story.

Our Core Team looks forward to hearing your stories – the highs and the lows. We look forward to gathering with you in the near future to share those stories and to process the 2012 ELCA Youth Gathering with one another as we ask, “What does this mean?”

But for now, on behalf of your GMS Core Team – THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping the promises you made at Baptism and “walking wet” (literally) along side our youth and one another! it has been a blessing to support you and serve along side you.

Kate Mattson (Greater Milwaukee Synod Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator)
Elisabeth Pynn Himmelman (GMS Gathering Coach)
Pr. Michelle Townsend de Lopez (GMS Gathering Coordinator)
Rebecca Mikelonis (GMS Core Team)

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