Synod Assembly

Synod Assembly 2015
May 29-30
Carthage College

Plans are currently underway for Synod Assembly 2015 which will take place at Carthage College on May 29 – 30, 2015.  Please check back soon for more details.  If you’re planning for voting members to be selected at January meetings the information below should be helpful.

Voting Members
The number of lay voting members your congregation elects depends on the number of baptized members (not voting or confirmed members) in the congregation. Lay voting members from larger congregations should be as evenly divided between female and male as possible.

  • All congregations, regardless of size, may elect at least two lay voting members to the Synod Assembly, normally one of whom shall be male and one female.
  • Congregations with 750 through 1,249 baptized members may elect a third lay voting member.
  • One additional lay voting member may be added for each additional 500 baptized members of the congregation. So, for example, a congregation with 1,250 to 1,749 baptized members would elect four lay voting members, one with 1,750 to 2,249 baptized members would elect five, and so on.

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The draft agenda for Synod Assembly 2015 will be available soon.

Synod assembly
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