Synod Assembly

Together at God’s Table
May 29-31, 2014
Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center
Waukesha, WI

$200 for voting members ($225 after April 30)
$100 for retired pastors ($125 after April 30)
$200 for visitors – includes meals and print materials ($225 after April 30)
$0 for visitors – NO meals or materials

Voting Members
The number of lay voting members your congregation elects depends on the number of baptized members (not voting or confirmed members) in the congregation. Lay voting members from larger congregations should be as evenly divided between female and male as possible.

  • All congregations, regardless of size, may elect at least two lay voting members to the Synod Assembly, normally one of whom shall be male and one female.
  • Congregations with 750 through 1,249 baptized members may elect a third lay voting member.
  • One additional lay voting member may be added for each additional 500 baptized members of the congregation. So, for example, a congregation with 1,250 to 1,749 baptized members would elect four lay voting members, one with 1,750 to 2,249 baptized members would elect five, and so on.

A draft agenda is available below in the resources section. Please note that this year we are having a dessert reception on Thursday evening in honor of our rostered leaders who have reached 25, 40, 50, 60, and 70 years of service. We will not hold a dinner on Friday evening. This is a free evening for all participants. Saturday lunch is on your own.

Synod Assembly 2014 - Reports
Carthage CollegeSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports402.0 KiB
Lutheran Planned GivingSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports244.1 KiB
DiakoniaSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports70.0 KiB
LSTC and Wartburg Joint ReportSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports153.7 KiB
Lutheran Office of Public PolicySynod Assembly 2014 - Reports142.0 KiB
Lutheran Social ServicesSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports85.8 KiB
LutherdaleSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports245.0 KiB
Mission Investment FundSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports42.7 KiB
Luther CollegeSynod Assembly 2014 - Reports601.6 KiB
Synod Assembly 2014 - Resolutions
2014 Resolution 1 - Creation Of Synod Endowment FundSynod Assembly 2014 - Resolutions348.3 KiB
2014 Resolution 2 - Encouraging Voting Member Diversity And ParticipationSynod Assembly 2014 - Resolutions167.1 KiB
2014 Resolution 3 - Encouraging Called Interim MinistrySynod Assembly 2014 - Resolutions166.4 KiB
Synod Assembly 2014 - Resources
2014 Memo Re Memorials And ResolutionsSynod Assembly 2014 - Resources311.4 KiB
Anti Fraud PolicySynod Assembly 2014 - Resources168.4 KiB
Nominating Committee Request for CandidatesSynod Assembly 2014 - Resources97.0 KiB
Nominating FormSynod Assembly 2014 - Resources282.4 KiB
Operational Ethics and Anti-Fraud AffirmationSynod Assembly 2014 - Resources57.6 KiB
Operational Ethics PolicySynod Assembly 2014 - Resources124.5 KiB
Proposed Agenda Synod Assembly 2014 - Resources60.4 KiB
Resolution Index 2004 Through 2013-1Synod Assembly 2014 - Resources125.0 KiB

Synod Assembly 2014
Start: May 29, 2014
End: May 31, 2014
Venue: Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center

Synod Assembly will be held at the Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Waukesha.  More details will be available soon!

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Together at God’s Table May 29-31, 2014 Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center Waukesha, WI Proposed Agenda for Synod Assembly 2014 Schedule subject to change Thursday, …

Synod assembly
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