Synod Assembly

Synod Assembly 2015
May 29-30
Carthage College

Registration is open and plans are being made for Synod Assembly 2015 which will take place at Carthage College on May 29 – 30, 2015.

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Friday Night with Eddie Lacy


Eventbrite - An Evening with Eddie Lacy

We are very pleased and excited to announce that Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers will join us on Friday evening, May 29 at Carthage College at a special event during Synod Assembly!

Mr. Lacy appears courtesy of Mayfield Sports Marketing and he will speak to our assembly and to the general public about his faith and how that has impacted his life.  He was a young teen during Hurricane Katrina 10 years ago when he lost his home.  His family bounced around from place to place until they rented a single-wide trailer outside of Baton Rouge where he lived until college. After starting at Alabama and being drafted by the Packers Lacy built a new home for his parents.

The proceeds from this evening will be donated to Outreach for Hope. A reduced price ticket will be offered to Synod Assembly voting members and full time visitors. Tickets are also available to members of your congregation, our synod and the general public.  Only 1400 tickets are available.  Every ticket holder in attendance on Friday evening will have a chance to be randomly selected to have a picture taken with Mr. Lacy.

Learn more about Eddie Lacy’s visit here.

Voting Members

The number of lay voting members your congregation elects depends on the number of baptized members (not voting or confirmed members) in the congregation. Lay voting members from larger congregations should be as evenly divided between female and male as possible.

All congregations are entitled to at least two Voting Members – one male and one female. Additional Voting Members are allocated to larger congregations as follows:

  • Up to 749 baptized members – two Voting Members
  • 750 to 1,249 baptized members – three Voting Members
  • 1,250 to 1,750 baptized members – four Voting Members
  • An additional Voting Member is allocated for each additional 500 baptized members. Voting Members must be divided as equally as possible between men and women.


Deadline: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 for Nominating Committee
Deadline: Friday, March 13, 2015 for Appointment by Synod Council

The Greater Milwaukee Synod is looking for individuals willing to serve as Voting Members of the 2016 Churchwide Assembly, and to serve on the Synod Council, the Consultation Committee and the Nominating Committee. Information on applying appears at the end of this message. These positions offer the opportunity to grow in the practice of your faith, and to find satisfaction on work well done. Please consider this service.  Read more . . . .


The deadline for resolutions to be submitted to the synod office is April 16, 2015.


The deadline to register for the earlybird price will be April 30, 2015.  We are working with Carthage to secure the best possible prices for you.

Synod Assembly 2015 - Resolutions
2015 Resolution 1 - Social Justice And MinistrySynod Assembly 2015 - Resolutions163.1 KiB
Resolution Index 2004 Through 2014Synod Assembly 2015 - Resolutions130.5 KiB
Synod Assembly 2015 Reports
Joint Report-LSTCandWartburgSynod Assembly 2015 Reports182.0 KiB
2015 Carthage College ReportSynod Assembly 2015 Reports1.1 MiB
Wisconsin Council of ChurchesSynod Assembly 2015 Reports83.2 KiB
Seafarers International HouseSynod Assembly 2015 Reports1.2 MiB
Region 5 ReportSynod Assembly 2015 Reports50.3 KiB
Lutheran Planned GivingSynod Assembly 2015 Reports245.4 KiB
2015 Lutherdale Synod Report PubSynod Assembly 2015 Reports109.4 KiB
Wartburg College Annual Report To The Synods 2014Synod Assembly 2015 Reports357.0 KiB
2015 Bishop Eaton Synod Assembly LetterSynod Assembly 2015 Reports185.3 KiB
Luth Office Pub PolicySynod Assembly 2015 Reports184.9 KiB
LSS Annual Report 032615 Greater MilwaukeeSynod Assembly 2015 Reports930.9 KiB
5J MIF Report December 31 2014 FINALSynod Assembly 2015 Reports179.7 KiB
2015 Bishop Eaton Synod Assembly Letter SPNSynod Assembly 2015 Reports68.3 KiB
Augustana College ReportELCASynod Assembly 2015 Reports50.8 KiB
Cross+Generational Ministry Assembly Report 2015Synod Assembly 2015 Reports46.5 KiB
2015 RIC Annual ReportSynod Assembly 2015 Reports68.7 KiB
Crossways Annual Report-2015Synod Assembly 2015 Reports493.0 KiB
Synod Council Report 2015Synod Assembly 2015 Reports268.9 KiB
A BRIEF REPORT FROM THE ANTISynod Assembly 2015 Reports15.4 KiB
Synod Assembly 2015 Resources
GMS Nominating Form 2015Synod Assembly 2015 Resources380.5 KiB
Information about Memorials And Resolutions Memorandum 2015Synod Assembly 2015 Resources335.6 KiB
Carthage College Health History Refusal FormSynod Assembly 2015 Resources40.2 KiB
2015 Assembly Rules 2014 11 20 ApprovedSynod Assembly 2015 Resources183.0 KiB
Medical-History-FormsSynod Assembly 2015 Resources72.1 KiB
Bishop Election Policy 2016 2015 05 27 ApprovedSynod Assembly 2015 Resources220.6 KiB


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Register for Synod Assembly online – early bird prices expire on April 30.

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We are very pleased and excited to announce that Eddie Lacy of the Green Bay Packers will join us on Friday evening, May 29 at Carthage …

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FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015 7am – 1pm REGISTRATION – Tarble Arena lower level entry 7am – 8:30 am BREAKFAST – Dining Commons, Todd Wehr Center 9am …

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