We hope you’re enjoying the new Greater Milwaukee Synod website so far… but our site is not complete without your voice!

We are looking for articles and stories about what your church, task force, committee, organization or group is doing to make the world a better place. We are specifically looking for articles from members / churches / groups within the Greater Milwaukee Synod (and our partner organizations) to share here on milwaukeesynod.org, but even if you don’t fit within those categories we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the criteria:

  • Submit an article/writeup about an event, your organization itself, or both. Feel free to submit multiple articles.
    • Content of the article should consist of original content. Quoted work must be credited and okayed for reproduction.
    • Please keep content positive, accurate, politically nutral (as much as possible) and avoid negative name-calling or blame placing (etc.)
    • While the articles may be of any length, typically shorter (between 3-8 paragraphs) works best for the web.

      photo (CC) tracy apps

    • Short paragraphs, bullet points and sub headings are best for web reading, since people like to skim articles on the web (Also images! More details on photos below)
    • Be sure to include an intro/summary paragraph as well. This should only be 1-3 sentences.
  • Please include at least one image that is ok to post on the synod website.
    • Make sure you have permission from the photographer AND the subject to post the photo on the web. (Please include credit info)
    • Creative Commons images can be used from internet searches, with proper credit. (Please include credit info)

Also note that all articles subject to editing and approval of the synod office. We reserve the right to make changes in order to fit the above criteria. We also may highlight your story in our weekly email newsletter as well.

So get writing, and email your articles and images to info@milwaukeesynod.org. THANKS!

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