Hey everyone, it’s Tracy from the synod office.

As many of you may have noticed, there have been lots of changes going on here at the Greater Milwaukee Synod. We have a full staff now (yay!), we have a new website (double yay!), and there’s plenty of other changes in the works.

So I wanted to write a quick article regarding a few of these changes, as well as some hopes and dreams for the communications of the Greater Milwaukee Synod as a whole.

  • If you have checked out the synod website lately, you may have noticed the section on news & stories. We have had some great stories shared by you. Keep those stories coming. My goal with this portion of the website is to increase awareness of all the wonderful things that are happening within our ministries. GOD is doing great things throughout the Greater Milwaukee Synod and beyond… lets celebrate together! Feel free to leave comments on the stories. Share them with your congregations, friends and neighbors.
  • Did you know we have a page for job opportunities on our synod’s website? There is also a way to submit a job posting to the list. Keep in mind this page is limited to job opportunities within our synod’s churches and partner organizations.

Down the road:

  • Are you a part of an official committee or task force of the synod? Are you on the leadership of a mission cluster? Future plans of the website include help with creating your own portion of the synod website. Keep your eyes pealed for more information on this after the new year!
  • Churches that don’t have a website, or aren’t satisfied with your current web solution will have the opportunity to purchase website hosting from the Synod in the future. (More details in January 2012)
  • Training! Plans are in the works to start up a training series on subjects like “developing your church’s website” to “mobile and QR codes for ministry.” Tech training will start in early 2012, and we will be sure to let you know about the details!

Thanks everyone. Keep the feedback coming. Communication is a two way street. Church communications is no exception.

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