Opportunities to Serve

The Greater Milwaukee Synod is looking for individuals willing to be voting members of the 2013 Churchwide Assembly, and to serve on the synod’s discipline and nominating committees. Are you one of these individuals? Very possibly.

What follows are all the details, but keep in mind that the basic idea is pretty straightforward: Being part of something larger than yourself or your congregation is a chance to carry your faith into new realms of service. And maybe even have some fun while you’re doing it.

Open Positions

2013 Churchwide Assembly

A total of 16 voting members for the 2013 Churchwide Assembly (Pittsburgh, August 12-18, 2013) will be selected, with each of our ten clusters choosing one voting member, and nominations from across the synod for six additional at-large voting members. The bishop and vice president will also act as voting members.

2013 Churchwide Assembly Voting Members from Clusters

  • Kenosha/West Racine Cluster – Lay Female
  • Lake Country Cluster – Clergy
  • Milwaukee Cluster 1 – Lay Male
  • Milwaukee Cluster 2 – Clergy
  • Milwaukee Cluster 3 – Lay Female
  • Milwaukee Cluster 4 – Lay Male
  • Northern Lakeshore Cluster – Lay Female
  • Northwest Cluster – Lay Male
  • Racine Cluster – Clergy
  • Waukesha Cluster – Lay Female

2013 At-Large Churchwide Assembly Voting Members

  • Clergy – Two (2) Openings
  • Lay Female – Person of Color – One Opening
  • Lay Male – Two (2) Openings
  • Lay Male – Person of Color – One Opening

Discipline Committee

Four positions will be open on the discipline committee, including two clergy; and two lay members, one female and one male. The role of the discipline committee is spelled out in detail in the ELCA’s constitution, but is essentially to participate, if required, in hearings to determine if disciplinary action is warranted in cases where a complaint has been lodged against an individual or congregation. Terms on the discipline committee are six years, and members may not be elected to consecutive terms.

Discipline Committee Open Positions

  • Clergy – Two (2) Openings
  • Lay Female – One Opening
  • Lay Male – One Opening

Nominating Committee

Four clusters will elect new representatives to the Nominating Committee in 2012, for three year terms beginning after the 2012 Synod Assembly, and going through the 2015 Synod Assembly. Another four clusters have current vacancies for representation on the Nominating Committee, and are being asked to fill these as soon as possible. The Synod Council will also select a lay female representative for a three-year-term beginning after the 2012 Synod Assembly, and fill two existing vacancies (lay male and clergy). The two existing vacancies may be filled by the Synod Council prior to the 2012 Synod Assembly.

Cluster-Based Nominating Committee Full-Term Positions

  • Milwaukee Cluster 2 – Clergy
  • Northern Lakeshore Cluster – Lay Male
  • Racine Cluster – Clergy
  • Waukesha Cluster – Lay Female

Cluster-Based Nominating Committee Partial-Term Positions

  • Kenosha/West Racine Cluster – Clergy (term through 2013 Synod Assembly)
  • Milwaukee Cluster 1 – Clergy (term through 2014 Synod Assembly)
  • Milwaukee Cluster 4 – Lay Male (term through 2014 Synod Assembly)
  • Northwest Cluster – Lay Female (term through 2013 Synod Assembly)

Synod Council-Selected Nominating Committee Open Positions

  • Lay Female – One Opening for Full (three-year) Term
  • Lay Male – One Opening for Partial (one-year) Term
  • Clergy – One Opening for Partial (two-year) Term

Synod Council

Two positions are currently vacant on the Synod Council: Youth and Young Adult. The Youth member will be under age 18 when selected and the Young Adult member will be between 18 and 30 when selected. These positions may be filled by the Synod Council prior to the 2012 Synod Assembly. A full term for the Youth position is two years; for the Young Adult position is four years. Appointments by the Synod Council may be for less than full terms.

Synod Council Open Positions

  • Youth (under age 18 when elected or appointed)
  • Young Adult (between ages 18 and 30 when elected or appointed)

To Submit Nominations

All positions require the submission of a nominating form, which is available from me now (brockmeier.gms@gmail.com) and will soon be available on the synod’s website. This form must be completed and submitted to Mary Meyer at the synod office.

Phone:           414-671-1212
Fax:                414-671-1756
Email:             mary@milwaukeesynod.org
Mail:                Greater Milwaukee Synod, 1212 S. Layton Blvd., Milwaukee WI 53215

In addition, nominees for all positions should also contact the appropriate individual from the list below.

At-Large Churchwide Assembly Voting Member or Discipline Committee nominees should contact me or another member of the Nominating Committee:

Cluster-Based Churchwide Assembly or Nominating Committee nominees should contact the appropriate Cluster Dean:

Kenosha/West Racine Cluster (co-deans)
Rev. John Bischoff, 262-654-9143, revjohn@wi.rr.comRev. Carolyn Sellers, 262-763-6570, pastorcarolyn@gmail.com

Lake Country Cluster
Rev. Jim Stein, 262-691-7700, jim@comegrowgo.net

Milwaukee Cluster 1
Rev. Carol Creitz, 414-466-3169, pastor@floristavechurch.org

Milwaukee Cluster 2
Rev. Barbara Rasmussen, 414-342-5252, pastorbarbara@oslcmilw.org

Milwaukee Cluster 3
Rev. Fred Thomas-Breitfeld, 414-545-2828, pastorfred81@gmail.com

Milwaukee Cluster 4
Rev. Michael Anderson, 414-354-4514, manderson@abiding-savior.com

Northern Lakeshore Cluster
Rev. Paul Bulgerin, 262-377-4770, pastor@gracegrafton.com

Northwest Cluster
Rev. Matthew Short, 262-309-5454, pr_matt@hotmail.com

Racine Cluster
Rev. Denise Mbise, 262-637-5671, pastordenise@sbcglobal.net

Waukesha Cluster (acting dean)
Rev. Sherrie Lorbeck, 262-785-9420, sherrie@crossoflife.org

 Nominees for Synod Council-Selected Nominating Committee positions should contact me:

Youth or Young Adult Synod Council nominees should contact Kate Mattson, the Synod’s Director of Youth and Family


  • Nominating Committee-managed positions: Friday, March 30, 2012, approximately two months before the Synod Assembly.
  • Cluster-selected positions: Contact should be made as soon as possible – clusters may make their final decisions on their own schedule, and may make these decisions at any time. Current vacancies on the Nominating Committee will be a priority for clusters, and may be filled at any time.
  • Synod Council-Selected Nominating Committee positions: The full-term position (lay female) will have the same deadline as the standard Nominating Committee deadline (Friday, March 30, 2012). The two partial-term positions may be filled at any time at the discretion of the Synod Council.
  • Youth and Young Adult positions: These positions may be filled at any time at the discretion of the Synod Council.

Please contact me with any questions or for additional information on any of this.


Matthew Brockmeier
Greater Milwaukee Synod Nominating Committee

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