At the request of the 2011 Greater Milwaukee Synod Assembly, a task group of the Synod invites your participation in discussions regarding the role of the church in addressing the public employee collective bargaining debate in Wisconsin.

This debate has elicited strong feelings in many people, including the members of our churches. While churches are sanctuaries from some of the clutter of daily life, they are also the places where we are engaged by the Holy Spirit to be good leaven for the whole of our society.

With this in mind, we invite you to join this discussion in one of two ways: face-to-face at one of four facilitated discussions around the Synod; or by written response using a link available soon on the Greater Milwaukee Synod website.

While other discussions or actions may grow out of the four face-to-face sessions, the goal of these conversations is simple: allowing for the respectful expression of a variety of viewpoints. These discussions are not designed to be debates with winners or losers, nor to forge consensus or change minds. As followers of Christ our common blessing is that we can listen to each other and articulate the feelings behind our beliefs in a respectful way.

This is what we invite from the members of our Synod:

Attend one of the four sessions listed below at the time or location best for you. The majority of the time will be devoted to facilitated discussion in small groups. Again, we are NOT there to argue the facts as we see them, but rather to listen to each other and through the guidance of the Spirit, seek possibly surprising common ground.

It may well be that deeply held values, fears, or stresses—even those we share in common—cause us to reach our vastly different conclusions on this subject. Knowing this, we might bring a unique witness of Good News to this difficult debate.

Please direct questions about the four events to those of us engaged in its planning. We thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of this request.

Bishop Jeff Barrow (
Resolution 6 Task Group Co-Facilitators:
John Horner-Ibler ( and Lisa Bates-Froiland (

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