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The Race, Church and Change award recognizes individuals who have significantly impacted society through multicultural ministry, race relations and reconciliation. Luther Seminary presents the award annually to an individual who has heroically served in their community with the hope that such recognition will inspire others to similar ministry to improve the world around them.

The Race, Church and Change committee is seeking nominations of servant leaders who represent diverse communities, serve God’s church in the cause of multi-cultural ministry, and have a commitment to leading the church into a future of spreading the Gospel to all of God’s people. Please prayerfully consider lifting up a person you know whose story can inspire the next generation of leaders of the church.

Learn more about the Race, Church and Change award, and see a list of past recipients at

Criteria for Nomination

Who should be nominated for the Race, Church and Change Award?

  • Someone who has carried out significant service of reconciliation among diverse people.
  • Someone who has demonstrated commitment to constructive change that heals the community in which they live and work.
  • Someone who is committed to ministry within the context of a congregation.
  • Someone who would be a good role model for seminary students.
  • Someone who has been “unsung” in their faithfulness to a ministry of reconciliation.

Submit a Nomination

To nominate an individual or ministry, fill out this online nomination form by March 31, 2012:

The Race, Church and Change award will be presented in a public forum at Luther Seminary near the start of the 2012 Fall Semester.

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