The theme for Synod Assembly this year is “Holy Ground.” We want to gather your stories of holy ground in action. We will capture these stories with video, and present them at Synod Assembly this spring.

Here’s some more details:

  • Stories need to be between 2 and 5 minutes long when told orally. (Yes, this will require some script writing and editing)
  • We recommend keeping your story focused on one particular ministry. If your church has multiple stories of holy ground, get different people to tell each story
  • You will need to provide a story teller–someone to tell, or recite this story. (Someone who is willing to be on camera. Don’t worry, we can edit out “um’s” and pauses. 🙂 ) We will capture and edit the video.
  • Videos will be shot “on location,” so please think of a location that relates to the story
  • The stories are not limited to what happens within our church walls. Any example of “Holy Ground” within our ministry partners and communities may be included. “Out of the box” thinking is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged.
  • The Greater Milwaukee Synod reserves the right to edit (as needed) and publish these stories / videos both online and offline. They will not be sold, but may be used in the future for Synod related events or marketing.

Interested? Fill out the form below with your story!

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