By Pastor Grant Quever, GMS Stewardship Team

The above titled material (Money Leadership for Thriving Congregations) was shared at an overnight retreat at Lutherdale Camp led by Charles “Chick” Lane that I attended.  The material is intended for congregations as well as Rostered leaders.  There are two formats:  an overnight retreat, or six small group sessions (ideal for a small group setting in the congregation).  The study includes two booklets available through our ELCA:  one, a leader’s guide; and two, a participant’s guide.  These are quality resources and I commend them to you.

While few pastors see themselves as “fundraisers,” evidence shows that, if we neglect this seemingly mundane task, then the body of Christ suffers.  In a troubled family, when money issues enter the already troubled picture, the heat of anxiety is ratcheted up, often leading to conflict.  Studies show that churches are no different.  While we may not like it, pastors are the de facto leaders in most congregations.  As a result, if our preaching and resource leadership does not address the need for people to give and offer theological guidance for a healthy relationship with money, then the rest of the congregation will likely overlook it as well.  Since our Lord spoke more about money and material possessions, than he did about prayer, we can rest assured that we have it on good authority to boldly include this aspect of teaching in Christ’s call to make disciples.  After all, stewardship is simply discipleship in its working clothes.

In a sense, the principle of Christian giving is the lifeblood of the local congregation.  There is nothing more “hands-on” in a church’s life than deploying a congregation’s ministry gifts to the world; and encouraging people to give as disciples.  As pastors, few of us have had much formal training in either leading people to volunteer their time and talents or in guiding believers to incorporate “giving principles” into their life of faith.  Leadership for Thriving Congregations is a worthy guide in assisting pastors in this area of discipleship ministry.

Save the Date:  Saturday April 21st Spring Stewardship Fair at Atonement Lutheran Church in Muskego.  Key Note Speaker:  Charles “Chick” Lane.  Also available will be proven congregational stewardship programming material. Doors open at 8 a.m. for refreshments and networking.

Money Leadership for Thriving Congregationsis a workshop for Rostered Leaders and Faithful Stewards. There are two formats- an overnight retreat or six small group sessions. The focus is on household finances (Giving, Saving, Spending, Debt Management, Financial Life Planning), and understanding money within the congregational family system.

Through a series of paired and small group discussions, participants will establish a scriptural foundation for financial management and address issues relevant to your setting.

Available by contacting 800-638-3522, Ext. 2767

  • Money Leadership for Thriving Congregations Leader Guide $22.00
  • Money Leadership for Thriving Congregations Participant Book $7.50


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