Gloria. Photo by Daniel Rift/ELCA

Story reprinted from ELCA World Hunger

Gloria has worked hard for her International Computer Certificate at the InfoHut — and along the way, she’s learned how to prevent HIV and AIDS.

“You bait your hook with what you know the fish would like to eat.” This African saying sums up why the Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa puts computers at the center of an innovative HIV and AIDS prevention program for young adults.

The InfoHut is a simple building outside a school. Inside is a fully- equipped computer lab with up- to-date software — and students eager to learn how to use it. Not only do the students learn technical skills in preparation for the industry-recognized International Computer Certificate, which will help them earn better jobs, they learn important life skills, like how to prevent HIV and AIDS.

After class hours, the InfoHut welcomes all members of the community to learn about computers and health — a win- win for the whole community!

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Photo by Daniel Rift/ELCA

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