The March 9-12, training of Ventures Steward Leaders is approaching quickly.   Most expenses for travel, accommodations, materials and coaching will be covered by Congregational and Synodical Mission of the ELCA.  Each participant will be asked to contribute ($100) after the event. 

Ventures in Growing Stewards addresses stewardship education and renewal in congregations.  While maintaining a flexible and organic approach, this four-part workshop series:

  • builds a foundation for stewardship education and response
  •  trains leaders in a holistic approach to being God’s stewards
  • designs & guides implementation of year round stewardship ministry
  • trains leaders to carry out a thorough financial response method,
  • fosters deeper relations within and among congregations,
  • creates excitement about growing competent, well-formed stewards

In the Ventures workshop series, leaders will be taught to lead in your synod.  It is designed for a group of six to nine congregations.  Each congregation will have a team of four to seven people including a pastor, but may vary depending on the size of the congregation.  Each participant will have access to Ventures online resources for at least two years.  Each person on the team is asked to make a covenant to walk together in this stewardship journey for the two years. Additional information about Ventures in Growing Stewards and becoming a leader is available from Keith A. Mundy, ELCA Program Director for Stewardship at  If you are interested in participating please contact Sandy Chrostowski, Director for Evangelical Mission/Assistant to the Bishop.

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