Predictions indicate that gas prices will continue to rise, as well as temperatures, in the coming month of August. Political rhetoric polarizes and petrifies as we face hard conflicts between the economy and the environment.

What better time than this to ask the question “What is it that brings us together in this place?” Without airports, or miles of travel on crowded freeways, we can discover what is right here within the Synod.: “On Earth As It Is in Heaven.

The Assembly theme “Holy Ground” connects urban and rural, small towns and cities, the banks of the Milwaukee River and the shore of the Great Lake, growing power for people and plants, basic ways to survive more simply, the need to sing and play,to discover balance and the flow of life that runs through us.

Check out the “New Wind Folk School” event details here. Christ the King Lutheran congregation, home of the New Wind Folk School, cordially invites you to participate in their model of outreach in partnership with surrounding resources in the area. The Registration Form is included in the brochure. Send it in early. Limited enrollment.

Note: Separate morning classes K-8th available.

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