Meru Diocese
The third Sunday of Easter is designated as the Day of Prayer with our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Meru.

Join us as we confess:
·        Our inability to put God first in our lives
·        Our love of comfort at the expense of others
·        Our lack of gratitude for the saving love of Jesus Christ

We thank and praise God:
·        For his redeeming love made real in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
·        For partners and a community of faith that helps us love God and one another
·        For the people of the Diocese of Meru who teach us to be more faithful

We ask for:

  • Strength for our leaders, Bishop Jeff and Bishop Akyoo,  for all the pastors of the synod and the Diocese.
  • Guidance for the students in the Diocese who have been called to become pastors, bless their studies and their families.
  • Help them to find funding to finish their education and serve the growing church.
  • Food for your hungry people in the Diocese of Meru and the Greater Milwaukee synod.
  • Rains to fall gently and often so that the water of life is in good supply.
  • Open and trusting hearts to pass on the love you have given us.
  • The Holy Spirit to be alive in us and our congregations and parishes.

All this we ask in Jesus name who blesses us daily through his redeeming power.   Amen

Why a mutual day of prayer?   One of the blessings of the companion synod program is that we in the American church come to know Christians in another part of the world.  Since its’ beginning in 1997, the Meru Partnership has recommended that the third Sunday of Easter be designated as a day of mutual prayer.  The growing church in Tanzania and our partners in the Diocese of Meru have held us in prayer for these fifteen years.  We look to the growing church of Tanzania to renew in us the vibrancy of a church that is filled with young people and hope.  At its January meeting the synod council affirmed April 14 as this year’s day of prayer.

For your action:
1.      Please include the Diocese of Meru in your prayers on this Sunday.
2.      If you are in partnership with a parish in Tanzania write to them, get their prayer requests, send them your prayers.
3.      Include music, creeds or other African influenced liturgy in your worship.
4.      Consider a special offering to benefit the Pastoral Education Fund of the Diocese or the Hunger Relief Fund.  Funds collected should be sent to the synod and designated with a transmittal form.
5.      Invite a member of the Meru Partnership Committee to speak at your adult forum or a temple talk.
6.      Attend a Meru partnership committee meeting.

Pdf’s of worship resources are available from Aleta Chossek, or Janet Mcginty ,

Asante sana, thank you for all your work in the name of our Risen Savior, Jesus.

© 2017 Greater Milwaukee Synod

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