Due to a pending resignation, the synod council at large position for a lay male is open for nominations. This partial term will run from Synod Assembly through 2015. We will accept nominations for this position until April 12. The nomination documents are located here, under resources. To assist you in discerning if this position is for you we have developed some expectations of a synod council member:

  • Attend synod council meetings held on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings in odd numbered months. In September there is an all day meeting at church wide offices in Chicago.
  • Read and affirm the required policies that have been adopted by the synod council
  • Attend church regularly.
  • Pray for the ministries of our church, and specifically for the work our synod.
  • Practice generous giving of yourselves, your time and your possessions as a spiritual discipline.
  • Be willing serve a four year term.
  • Prepare for and faithfully attend each meeting of our synod council (usually 6 per year) and the annual synod assembly.
  • Within your first two years of office, attend the Crossroads 2 ½ day anti-racism training. The cost for this training will be paid for by our Greater Milwaukee synod.
  • Work to support the final decisions of our synod council and seek to promote the mission of our church with those with whom we come in contact.

If you have any questions please contact Mary in the synod office at 414-671-1212.

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