Thanks to David Groenewold our Greater Milwaukee Synod Director of Finance for providing our Stewardship Committee with the End of The Year (February l, 2012 – January 31, 2013) Mission Support Report. That enables us to say “THANK YOU – Thank You – thank you” to the 132 Congregations and nearly 80,000 baptized members of the Greater Milwaukee Synod who sent $2,155,870 for Mission Support which was $16,925 “Above Commitments” made at the beginning of the year. Even though the $2,155,870 continued the decline we have experienced in the past six years it was only $37,495 and was the smallest of those years when we had two declines of $158,000 and $161,000.

THANKS to the 90 congregations who fulfilled their Commitments

SPECIAL THANKS to 26 of those congregations who exceeded their Commitments by $89,290 and put us at 100.7% of our Commitment of $2,150,000. This more than covered the 36 congregations who were unable to fulfill their Commitments.

With these facts our Director of Finance reported that our Synod Staff made careful use of the $2,155,870 Mission Support we provided so there was a surplus that enabled us at the end of the year. January 31, 2013 to……

  1. Send $25,000 as seed money from our GMS to the ELCA Malaria Campaign
  2. Set aside $20,000 to initiate a Young Adult Ministry Program in the GMS
  3. Send an extra $18,275 to the ELCA which exceeds the $1,182,500 (55%) that we had Committed for 2012
  4. Set aside a small amount for the GMS’ Staffing Reserve Fund

We Give Thanks to the Lord for the faithful Financial Support from our congregational members sharing with the Synod and ELCA to carry out the Great Commission that our Resurrected Lord gave us just before He ascended “Go – Make Disciples – Baptize – Teach”

Retired Pastor Richard Warber
Member of GMS Stewardship Committee

P. S. Looking forward to seeing you at the STEWARDSHIP FAIR on Saturday, April 13 at St. Luke’s Lutheran in Greendale as we grow to be more faithful STEWARDS!

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