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Judy Knoernschild and daughter Pisey, along with fellow All Saints Lutheran (Wales) members Ron Bohrer and Kim Haines, have recently formed a non-profit organization that is raising money for the teen orphans of Cambodia.

Sophal (in orange pants) Judy adopted Pisey from Cambodia in 2004. Pisey was a tiny almost-3-year old at the time and was embraced immediately by her All Saints church family. Pisey is now a vibrant, busy, healthy 12-year old with many interests, passions and friends. She lives with her mother, Judy, and 3 other siblings. Life couldn’t be better… except for the fact that Pisey left behind a sister in Cambodia. Her sister, Sophal, is now 17 years old and has remained at the orphanage since Pisey left. Adoptions have been banned between the U.S. and Cambodia since 2001, with Pisey being part of the group of adoptive families that were allowed to complete their suspended adoptions in 2004. That fact…the fact Sophal could not legally leave Cambodia and come to the US through either adoption or family immigration (Pisey is her a only relative andthe US requires the sponsor to be 21 years of age) fostered a lot of discussion within Judy’s circle of family and friends, many of whom attend All Saints Lutheran. What started out as a general concern for one girl, turned into a mission to help not just Sophal, but the other teen orphans in Cambodia whom face adult life with little or no resources and no safety nets. And so the Sophal Project was born.

Pisey The focus of the Sophal Project is to provide funds specifically to supplement and build upon the primary/secondary education that the orphans have received while in the orphanage. Mr. Chea, the director, has done a fine job of providing for basic needs and basic education. Beyond that, however, his funds fall short. In email conversations, Mr. Chea has specified areas where the biggest needs are for the late teenager. Areas that would give the teens an extra advantage in a dismal job market:

English Classes/Tutoring
Computer Training
Vocational Training, such as Mechanics and Sewing
Scholarships towards Vocational School and College

This is what the Sophal Project is raising money for. What can you do to support the mission?

Spread the word!

Attend the kick-off fundraiser/concert coming up Sunday, 7/21! The Four Guyz in Dinner Jackets will be performing at the 5100 Club in McFarland, WI. Show time is 2:00.
For more information or call Jon at 262-968-2679.

The Knoernschild Family Make a donation to the Sophal Project c/o Judy Knoernschild W326 S7144 Tower Hill Ct
Mukwonago, WI 53149. Judy may also be reached at

Pray for Sophal and all of the orphans around the world

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