Diversity, variety, eclecticism, change-vital and true when the church pursues their harmony-but often they give us CACOPHONY. Tet in this noise there IS a music, a poetry, a power that is so magnificent it inspires, challenges and excites all who hear it.

Come to the Augustana chapel at the Lutheran School of Theology (110 E. 55th Street, Chicago 60615) on Sunday, October 13th at 4pm when the Albert ‘Pete’ Pero Multicultural Center presents their annual benefit – CACOPHONY! – with a powerful worship service with music, dance, featuring performances from Noah I. Brown and Co., SAKREDance, Native American flue player Bill Buchholz, and the students at LSTC.

The event is Free, and open to the public, but let us know you’re coming by emailing cpero@lstc.edu or calling 773-256-0700 and ask for Cheryl Pero.

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