Story submitted by Pastor Jay Ford

Due to a lack of funds, our local library has been unable to address a need it has had of making changes to its tired looking landscaping. Over seven years ago landscaping cloth was laid down which proved to be less than desirable. For a number of reasons it was determined that it should be removed. Looking for a project to accomplish on the afternoon of September 8, Galilee Lutheran Church chose this as its “Day of Service” project as part of the ELCA’s 25th Anniversary celebration.

Prior to heading out to the library, the volunteers gathered at the church and shared a lunchtime meal together which was provided by other members of the congregation. Delightfully, even more people showed up to help than had signed up previously! Lunch was followed by a brief orientation to the plan for the project. Wood chips were donated by a local landscaping company, and the crew of about 40 wasted no time in ripping out the old landscaping cloth and wheeling in load after load of wood chips. The project was completed under the allotted time (which, of course, in Wisconsin means “before the Packer game started.”). The grounds now look fresh and welcoming, the Librarian is delighted, and Galilee Lutheran has been blessed with this opportunity to be of service.

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