A message from tracy apps, director of communications

Have you seen the brand new elca.org website yet? The Churchwide offices in Chicago have been busy working on the refresh of the official ELCA website for quite some time. I’ve had a little time to look around the new site, so let me take some time to point out just a few new features of the new elca.org The new ELCA website

  1. You can see from the first page you see, this design is much cleaner with larger images. You will also see along the top bar there are quick links to other ELCA related websites like the blogs/stories site “Living Lutheran”, the online version of “the Lutheran” magazine, as well as sites dedicated to the big events, the Youth Gathering and Churchwide Assembly.
  2. You’ll also see several large sections highlighting the latest news with slideshows.
  3. The search function has been improved, and now you can filter your search results in many ways.
  4. There is also a new “Find a Congregation” area where you can see all the ELCA congregations on a handy interactive map.
  5. The new ELCA website- mobile version

  6. Oh, did you notice that the website is now much more mobile friendly? (Meaning you can view the website much easier on a smart phone or tablet computer. Hurray!)
  7. The navigation along the top is more streamlined, and the dropdown navigation areas are much more straight forward. There are still lots of pages throughout the site, but the page links are organized in nice lists in these big “mega menus.”
  8. The Resources page now has a much cleaner way of searching or filtering by a category.
  9. Speaking of helpful resources, if you are looking to learn more about our new Presiding Bishop, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth A. Eaton, visit the Presiding Bishop’s section.
  10. Also, are you curious about this new Campaign for the ELCA that you may or may not have been hearing about recently? You can learn more about the campaign here

So go ahead and check out the new elca.org. You can send an email to the ELCA Churchwhide offices directly from the new website (all the way at the bottom there is a link labeled “Contact us”) or call them during business hours.

Also if you see something cool on the new ELCA website that you’d like to see over here on the Greater Milwaukee Synod’s website, go ahead and let us know in the comments below.


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