I am pleased to announce this update for the Greater Milwaukee Synod staff.

Pastor Chuck Brummond decided he’d like to return to interim ministry last spring. After a long period of discernment, he has chosen to remain on synod staff part time. I am so pleased about this. Chuck’s grasp of congregational transitions, candidacy, and care for rostered leadership has been a tremendous blessing to our work. Honoring his desire to be more present in parish ministry he has begun a part time interim at Grace Lutheran Church in Thiensville.

I am doubly pleased to announce that Pastor Paula Canby from Faith/Santa Fe has begun work in the synod office. After the first of the year she and Chuck will share the position of Director of Rostered Leadership.

Faith/Santa Fe has been one of the great stories to tell about ministry in our synod and Paula will remain an integral part of ministry there. However, this fall, due to changes in the Head Start program in Milwaukee, Faith/Santa Fe is no longer a Head Start site and it cost $35,000 of income to that parish. Paula recently agreed to go part time at Faith/Santa Fe and therefore was available to take on some synod responsibilities.

I have always noted how our global partners in Tanzania and El Salvador help underwrite calls in their synod/diocese by assigning people to synod-wide responsibilities. Of course, it’s one thing to be available, it’s quite another to be the right person for a job.

Paula brings a rich history of service in the church, has been through a couple of candidacy tracks, and has marvelous administrative ability from her previous work experience. We are lucky and pleased to have her be available at what is an exciting time in the life of the church. I’m confident that it will be a great thing for Faith/Santa Fe and for the people of the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

Bishop Jeff

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