Christmas is a great time to raise up before our people the blessings that have come through from our congregational and synodical ministries over the past year. It’s a great time to send a letter and share what our giving has accomplished in raising up healing, helping, and hope.

Rather than telling them about the short-fall, or the year-end bills still needing to be paid; consider sharing some first person stories from people who have been impacted by giving through our congregational and synodical mission. People are looking to make a difference with their lives and one key way they want to do that is with their giving.

Find a way to share a testimonial by a new member, and a recent baptism. With permission and whenever possible, share the story of that drug dependent young man who now affirms how this church and Jesus Christ has empowered him to stay off of drugs. Remind them about the thousands people who will not die from malaria as result of the giving by people just like them. Tell them about that mother and child who will for the very first time have clean water to drink. Share the testimony of a new member who has grown in her relationship with Jesus Christ through the up-lifting and exhilarating worship experienced in this church. Again, whenever possible use first-person stories.

Today more than any other time, other agencies and organizations are competing for nonprofit charitable dollars. Everyday my mailbox has another organization asking for help. Many are notable and worthy. But so also is the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a great time to raise up those blessings with a personal letter to your members reminding them how their giving has made a big difference in the lives of real people—feel free to include a return envelope; and as always, end with a word of thanks.
God bless you in your ministry and thanks for all that you do in your faithfulness.

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