I’ve been impressed with the number of folks on Facebook who have been reclaiming Thanksgiving by using the whole month as a time to simply name things in their lives for which they are thankful. I find it to be utterly refreshing.

Thanksgiving used to be a feast set apart, a time to rest, to honor family, to receive strangers, to offer a feast which often stood in contrast to daily life. Today, it seems Thanksgiving is often barely a speed bump in a society where over consumption is a way of life for many, a token feast which hardly changes the game for others. It has become a day where giving thanks is often no more than a pause at halftime. It is a chore to be done before getting on to Black Friday.
When I stop to think about it, I realize that Thanksgiving at the core has never really been about abundance nor about lack. Thanksgiving begins a time set apart to celebrate the relationships which surround us: the gift of family, the blessing of others, the land which nourishes, the God who sustains.

Let me follow the lead of the folks on Facebook who have been at it all month… to offer simple thanks for the people of the Greater Milwaukee Synod and the marvelous web of relationships we represent.

I thank God for the blessing you are.
Bishop Jeff

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