Canceled services and reduced worship attendance because of ice and snow probably played havoc with “end of year giving” in the Greater Milwaukee Synod.

We hope and pray that our congregations will respond in “surprising and generous ways as God worked in the churches of Macedonia.

Fierce troubles came down on them
pushing them to the very limit
trials exposed their true colors
incredibly happy, though desperately poor
pressure triggered the unexpected outpouring of pure and generous gifts
offering whatever they could –far more than they could afford
pleading for privilege of helping in the relief of poor Christians
totally spontaneous – entirely their own idea
explained by first giving themselves to God”

May Paul say this of the congregations of the Greater Milwaukee Synod as they send END-OF-YEAR MISSION SUPPORT.

“You do well in so many things
You trust God – you’re articulate
You’re insightful – you’re passionate
You love us – now do your best in this too”

Quotes from The Message – II Corinthians 8:1-7 by your Greater Milwaukee Stewardship Committee

© 2017 Greater Milwaukee Synod

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