Our stewardship ministry in the ELCA has made use of congregational data by looking at statistics related to membership, giving, and mission support, and in particular the levels and trends of those values. This tool is an effort to build and improve on that work. The hope is the convenience of this information will invite more analysis, conversations, and specific tactics for improvement stewardship in congregations and synods.

Here is a brief overview of key features:
• Lookup lists of ELCA congregations by synods, congregational name, state, and other
criteria using data from 2010, 2011, and 2012
• Dive into more details for a specific congregation including Form A data and related,
calculated data
• Compare a specific congregation to others in the ELCA that are similar by factors of
worship attendance, household income, ethnicity, and more
• Create a report of mission support dollars with flow through to respective synods and then
churchwide, showing missional spending categories
• Use quick links to web trend reports, Google maps, census data, and congregational web
• Make private notes in the context of congregations
• Print and/or e-mail lists and reports

Here are some goals that have been identified for stewardStats:
• It is used often (as measured through survey results and recorded activity), because it is
• “Bright spot” congregations can be more easily identified and hopefully better understood.
This will involve identifying stronger congregations compared to synod averages for a
specific year.
• Congregations that need help can be more easily identified. This will involve identifying
congregations with results below synod averages.
• The analysis and reports will be good tools to convene conversations with pastors and
congregations, as facilitated by the generation and distribution of reports in a prompt,
user-friendly manor.
• The tool will not be difficult to support so that its benefits will be greater than its costs.
This will involve updating data once per year as Form A and C data become available,
and as new resources or updated resources are made available.
• More stewardship resources can be recommended. This involves a complementary
database of current resources connected to specific stewardship indicators.
• Eventually, mission support can be impacted positively. This will involve level, trend and
comparative analysis of Mission Support by congregation.

Getting Started
Here are some site that will help you get started using steward.Stats.

From your iPad or computer, go to this page to get started: https://www.safewebhost.com/elca/stewardstats.lasso

From your iPad, watch this video of what can be done with stewardStats: https://www.safewebhost.com/elca/stewardStatsforiPad.m4v

From your PC, watch this video of what can be done with stewardStats: https://www.safewebhost.com/elca/stewardStatsPC.mp4

Submit your questions, comments, or feedback: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1L9O0uEPGrBzHkp2dCTadiJzpsZGKTSb8i8CLOdBnP-s/viewform

For questions, please contact steve.oelschlager@elca.org or call him at 800-638-3522 X 2852


Sandy Chrostowski
Director for Evangelical Mission
Greater Milwaukee Synod

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