Give Your Offering Before You Go On Vacation!!”

Our Synod’s Stewardship Team suggests that every congregation encourage their members to “GYOBYGOV” – that is to and eliminate the “SUMMER SLUMP” in every congregation and then they can fulfill, or exceed, their Mission Support.

Strategic directions for our ELCA includes a churchwide priority to “accompany congregations as growing centers for evangelical mission; and building capacity for evangelical witness and service in the world to alleviate poverty and to work for justice and peace.” Grounded with the leadership of the missionary bishop, all leaders are called to missional leadership for the vision: Every person is a missionary, every pastor is a mission director, and every congregation is a mission station for the sake of the world.

GYOBYGOV will continue your missionary work while you are way and will keep your mission station strong. GYOBYGOV will also spill over beyond your local mission station to help to continue our missionary work beyond our local congregations, including support of Lutheran Campus Ministry, Lutheran seminaries, Cross+Generational ministries, leadership development, anti-racism training, and raising up candidates for lay and ordained professional ministry.

We give thanks that 77 Greater Milwaukee congregations contributed to general mission support in June; last year was 74. Thank you. However, the current report from our Synod Finance Director, David Groenewold, for the first half of 2014 is 92% of commitment. Receipts are $40,175 less than last year, which is a 4.7% reduction. As recipients of God’s abundant mercies, we encourage all our congregations to prayerfully consider meeting their commitments as we partner to participate in God’s mission for the sake of the world. May your summer be blessed as we strive to be faithful steward leaders in our congregations, our synod, and the world.

– Greater Milwaukee Stewardship Team

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