Rostered Leaders, Candidates and Congregations in Transition:

The transition away from formatta filler has been completed and the new system using pdf forms is now live. You can access this new system at and you can always use the “call process” button on the top right hand corner of the webpage. Below is some important information you need to know:

Rostered Leaders

An account may have already been created for you. The information you need to access this account was sent to you in an e-mail from Secretary Boerger in June of 2014 and in a letter in November of 2013. It will be helpful if you can retrieve your ELCA Community user name from that message. Please do not create a new user registration. If you do not remember your password, please click on “Forgot user name or password?” below and follow the instructions provided in the password reset email.

Rostered Leaders and Congregations

Please take a moment and log in to review your new form for accuracy. When you log in you will see two options

  1. a link to open a PDF version that is for reviewing, printing and saving
  2. a link to edit and resubmit your form for the call process

If reviewing your RLP: When a rostered leader logs into ELCA Community to review their RLP, we recommend clicking on the first link that says “Review/Print My Rostered Leader Profile (PDF)”. This will open a pdf version of their latest RLP, which will allow review, but will not change the status of their paperwork (ie, inactive, active, archive) The PDF is “read only”.

If editing your RLP: click on the second link that says “My Rostered Leader Profile (RLP.)” The paperwork may be edited and then saved by clicking on the “Save” buttons. This will then reset the RLP status. For example, if it was Active, the rostered leader will have to go through all of the pages and click the Save and Complete to re-submit. It will then need to be re-activated by the synod CPA/office to be seen by other synods.


As a NEW candidate you must create an ELCA community account before you are able to submit an online application.

Do you have an ELCA Community account?
IMPORTANT: If you are planning on entering candidacy but are already an ELCA Roster Leader or have an existing Community account, a new account should not be created. If you do not remember your user name, you should contact Constituent Support. If you forgot your password, you can use the password reset feature found on the login screen. If you do not follow through on this, the application may have to be completed a second time.

If you answered NO, you should create a new account by clicking on the new user registration link below.
If you answered Yes. You should use those credentials to log into the account.
After the account is created you can access the Leader Portal to complete a candidacy application.
– See more at ELCA’s official website

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