“People want to make the world a better place to live. They want to believe that they can truly make a difference for the better. There is embedded in us, it seems, a desire to finish our work on this earth with a sense that we amounted to something. To sum it up, people want to be a part of something that changes lives.” (J. Clif Christopher–Not Your Parents Offering Plate, p.13)

J. Clif Christopher will be our keynote speaker for our upcoming Stewardship Fair on February 7th 2015. Clif had been a parish pastor for over twenty-four years before founding Horizon Stewardship Services. Clif understands pastors and understands the need for us as leaders to be able to fund the Great Commission.

Why do people give to our congregations? Three reasons: 1) A belief in the mission; 2) A high regard for the staff and leadership; and 3) the fiscal responsibility of the institution.

A belief in the mission means that we as congregational leaders need to be up-front with why we do what we do and how what we are doing is making a difference. People want to make a difference. People don’t give to numbers on a budget; they give to the positive flesh and blood stories that those numbers represent.

A high regard for staff and leadership means that people also want to know that they can trust the leadership to do what they have said they are going to do with the gifts that they have given for the cause of Christ.

The fiscal responsibility of the institution means that monies are being used for the purposes spelled out in the budget. There is accountability.

People have seen that the leadership does just what it says they are going to do with gifts that are given. Most of all, they have learned to trust those in charge.
This takes place over time as relationships are developed, nurtured, and strengthened.

Our members have heard the stories of the youth group who returned from their mission trip, they’ve heard how that new person sitting in the back pew gained a whole new perspective on life through Christ following a sudden and unexpected death in their family, and how that missionary stationed half-way around the globe is sharing the love of Christ in word and deed.

Save the date and make plans now to bring some leaders from your congregation to join in the dialogue with J. Clif Christopher on Saturday, February 7th. A less formal gathering is also being planned for Friday evening for those able to attend.

Submitted by Pastor Grant D. Quever
GMS Stewardship Team

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