Pastor Rachel Young Binter
Year:  Time is relative 🙂
Major:  Life
youngbinterWhy I love being a campus pastor:   I believe abundant life comes from being deeply connected to the sacred in ourselves, others, and the world around us – just as Jesus said.   As a campus pastor, I actually get paid to have experiences of that really amazing connection as students share their lives with me while flipping pancakes on Wednesday mornings, or we have faith conversations around candles in the prayer room during Monday night class, or we share bread and wine and prayer and peace at worship on Thursdays, or we set out to explore how our lives can make a difference in our local community or on a spring break service and learning trip.  My life has been changed, deepened, stretched and made holy by the students I have had the pleasure of standing with.  It is the best job in the world!



Celeste Hoff
Year: Junior
Major: Linguistics and Spanish

Why I love being a Peer Minister: My experience at the  Corner House has been all about the wonderful community of open and loving individuals who I’ve met and formed relationships with. It’s so wonderful to belong to a spiritual community that’s dedicated to helping everyone grow and connect to God in all aspects of their life, from worship to community service. It truly is a place of peace and light, and being able to share that with others is such an amazing opportunity!




Ryan Neidinger
Year: Graduate School
Major: Architecture
ryanniedingerWhy I Love Being a Peer Minister: I love being a peer minister because of the community at the Corner House. The people there are the constants in my week. While everything else in my week is unpredictable, I know I can count on seeing my favorite people regardless of what happens. The love and support there is so great, it just reiterates the love and support that we find in God.




Dayna Samuels
Pre-Rabbinical Jewish Studies
Why I love being a Peer Minister: The Corner House has given me a home where I can love G!d, be committed to social justice, and find spiritual kinship with my community. It was an unexpected gift, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Being a peer minister gives me the chance to help create the magic for others and make this holy space that we all are a part of open and inviting for anyone else who walks in the door. The Corner House never ceases to amaze me with its capacity to support everyone in their search for their Truth, and it is a blessing to be a part of that support system.




Justine Nicole Saxton
Year: Graduate School
Major: Social Work
Why I love being a Peer Minister: Lutheran Campus Ministry has made a huge impact on my life in a positive way.  It makes me want to give back and provide the same love and respect to others who walk through our door. There is so much love here and community who will always encourage others to grow in faith. I enjoy listening to others about how their faith has impacted their life creating who they are today.

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