At our next Synod Assembly in June 2016, we will be holding a Bishop election.  The Bishop election is held every six years.  The election is guided by the Holy Spirit while following a fair and independent process.  At the 2015 Synod Assembly, a Discernment and Election Process for the selection of a Bishop was approved.  This Election Process is centered on an Elections Committee that will ensure that the approved process is followed from September 2015 thru the Synod Assembly in June 2016.

The Elections Committee consists of eleven members including seven lay members, and four rostered leaders.  It is important that we get members who represent all aspects of the Greater Milwaukee Synod, including locations, gender, ages, races, and ideas.  It is important to note that any Committee member shall also agree in writing not to participate in the discernment or nomination process as either a sponsor of a nominee, a prospective nominee or a nominee.  A sponsor of a nominee is someone who puts forward the name of a rostered leader for consideration in the bishop election process.

The Elections Process requires that the Synod Council approve the Elections Committee by its next meeting on September 24, 2015.  To that end, we need any persons interested in volunteering for the Committee to submit a nomination form by September 10, 2015.  A Nomination Form is available on the Greater Milwaukee Synod website (see below.)

Please submit all nomination forms to .  You can submit any questions regarding the process to Matthew Brockmeier at  The Discernment and Election Process is available via this link:

The elections letter and nomination form can be found here:

Thank you for considering this matter.  Whether you volunteer or not, we look for your prayers during this process and our Elections Committee to be guided by the Holy Spirit.


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