You have a few days left to donate socks to the 8th annual Spread the Warmth Sock Drive. Each year the drive, started and run by Aly Schmidt, donates socks and warm winter clothing to people in need throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

The drive runs through December 20 and all donations go to the Hope Center in Waukesha.

Aly Schmidt said, “My junior year at Kettle Moraine High School in Wales, WI, I was given a sociology final project to ‘make the world a better place.; Wanting to do something that would actually better the community and that I could expand in the future, I founded the Annual ‘Spread the Warmth’ Sock Drive. Coats and other winter clothing items are often donated to shelters, socks are one of the items needed most, yet they are usually forgotten. Over the years, the results of this drive have grown tremendously, and I am so happy that it is successful! You can help “Spread the Warmth” this holiday season by donating at one of the donation sites.”

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