Starting December 15, the Mobility and Candidacy portal will be placed in read-only (no edits) mode. You will be able to view all Candidacy Applications, Decision forms, Roster Leader Profiles and Mobility Site Profile submitted by December 15.

The systems are scheduled to be live on January 17.

Here are more details:

For Mobility:

Synods will be able to download the PDFs and work with individuals and congregations. Synods will not be able to update the Status (Active, Inactive, Archive) of an RLP or MSP after December 15. The RLP and MSP Activity Log pages will be View Only.

Individuals and Congregations will not have the ability to work on and submit RLPs and MSPs after December 15, but they will be able to download a PDF of their RLP/MSP if necessary.

For Candidacy:

Synods will not have the ability to submit new Decision Forms for Candidates after December 15. There are blank forms available on that can be downloaded and manually worked on during the time between December 15 and January 17 if necessary. Committees will then need to submit the actual decision forms to the community candidacy portal afterJanuary 17, 2017.

Individuals will not have the ability to submit new Candidacy Applications after December 15.


If you have any questions please call Mary Romskog at 414.671.1212.


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