2017 We All Are One in Mission (RSVP)

  • Please RSVP by Tuesday, November 28th.
  • Please choose the name of your congregation and city from this dropdown menu. Take note that there are several congregations with the same name.
  • TWO people are invited to attend this event from each congregation.

    In order to RSVP, you will need to fill out all contact information for First Attendee, and (at a minimum) first & last names for Second Attendee. We strongly suggest that you wait to RSVP until you are ready to register both names.

    If you do not yet know your Second Attendee's name, please enter "TBA" as the first AND last name. You will then need to CALL the Synod Office at 414.671.1212 once you have the Second Attendee's information so that we can enter it manually.

  • The First Attendee should be your primary contact for this event. Confirmation of your RSVP will only be sent to the First Attendee's email.
  • Please click the Submit button below to submit your RSVP.