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Candidacy Portal and Mobility Database System now live

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Dear colleagues in ministry,

This email is to inform you that the Candidacy Portal and the Mobility Database System have been updated and are now available.

If you completed work on your RLP or MSP offline from Dec. 15 until today, you can now log in and update your forms.

As a reminder, here is what you will see:

  1. The Rostered Leader Profile will be the Rostered Minister Profile.
  2. Those of you on the roster of ordained ministers will be referred to as a minister of word and sacrament.
  3. Those of you on a lay roster will be referred to as a minister of word and service.

This information has been sent to all bishops and synods. Please contact your synod office with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

Wm Chris Boerger
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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