On behalf of the more than 20 individuals from the Greater Milwaukee Synod who participated in the installation of Bishop Elias Kitoi Nasari in the Meru Diocese in Tanzania this past weekend, I’d like to thank you for all of the prayers and messages of support that we have received. While several of us have already returned, others are still in Tanzania. If you’ve had a chance to take a look at my Bishop Paul Erickson Facebook page, or that of others in our delegation, you may have seen photos of the amazing celebration on Sunday and the rich and vibrant ministries that we were able to visit. I had the opportunity to record a brief video message from Bishop Kitoi:

Please know that our relationship with the Meru Diocese is an important part of our life together, and my prayer is that we will continue to explore ways that this relationship can strengthen and inspire us all to deepen our engagement in God’s mission our our various contexts.

I was honored to be asked to preach at the worship service in Meru this past Saturday, a prelude to Sunday’s installation, and I focused my sermon on the five values that make up our understanding of accompaniment (a copy of my sermon can be found here). These values will also give shape to the Lenten Devotional that is being organized by Outreach for Hope, which will be published electronically later in February. I believe that we are all called to walk with Jesus on the road, accompanying one another as we seek to follow Him on paths of service and love. Thanks for your willingness to embark on the journey!

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