Congregational Reports are due in to the ELCA no later than this Wednesday, February 15th.
If you have not yet filed these *required* reports, please do so as soon as possible.
 To file you will need:
–  Your congregational ID and your 2016 password. Both are easily available by calling Phil Smith at 414.671.1212, or by emailing
 Once you have your ID & password, visit this site to file online:
Also please note: several of our congregations have filed *one* of the two reports (“Form A” and/or “Form C”) but not the other. Both are required.
If you are unsure of which reports your congregation has filed – contact Phil Smith at
(If you are not positive IF your congregation has filed – also, please check with Phil. Right now, the odds are that your congregation has NOT yet filed, and there are only two days left to the deadline. We want to help you meet that deadline!)
Thank you.

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