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Neighborhood Minister (Incarnation Lutheran, Milwaukee)

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  • Job Title: Neighborhood Minister
    Employer:  Incarnation Lutheran Church, 1510 W. Keefe Ave., Milwaukee
    Job Category:  Community Outreach
  • Position Type:  Part-Time (60 hours monthly)
    Travel Required?   Yes

    • Role and Responsibilities:

      The Neighborhood Minister will be required to maintain, organize and be involved with the development of the community and inside Incarnation. The key targets are maintaining quality relationships, serving as a mentor, and proper management of time. The Neighborhood Minister will be required to fulfill the following responsibilities:

      • Builds & maintains strong relationships with the people within the church and community
      • Serves as an active team leader with MICAH, hosting bi-monthly & annual meetings
      • Hosts monthly meetings with the Incarnation Justice Team (3rd Tuesdays, lead it, bring resources, like jobs)
      • Hosts, coordinates, & supervises monthly meetings with the Holy Ground Youth Team
      • Keeps track of the food budget & record keeping
      • Weekly visits the members of the church and community, along with nonmembers (house, nursing home or hospital) & documents those visits
      • Is active & reaches out to the 5th district police station and our elected officials, including county supervisors and alderpersons
      • Orders weekly (online) from Feeding America to disburse to the food pantry (distributed on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of each month), Sunday school, Adult Study, GBTKS, Bible Study and Sexton
      • Supervises the Bread of Hope group leaders that lead small group breakouts (i.e. prayer, reflection, encourage, and resources)
      • Works with other committees within the church
      • Maintains the relationship formed with Lindbergh Park
      • Supervises the team of volunteers
      • Provides the lunches for the Near Northside Strategy (7 sites, meet 1st & 3rd Mondays)
      • Provides food and snacks for the summer youth program, family days (2nd Friday), the annual community day fair, and the annual neighborhood Christmas party
      • Delivers food baskets to sick and shut-ins when necessary
      • Maintains a sign-in book for Bread of Hope, Justice Team, & holiday bags (Thanksgiving and Christmas)
      • Schedules bi-weekly meetings with Pastor and documents the visit with detailed notes for reports
      • Creates food bags for Thanksgiving and Christmas
      • Attends, organizes, & participates in the bereavements meetings with the church nurse and pastor on the 5th Tuesdays
      • Other duties as needed

      Qualifications and Education Requirements:

      • HS Diploma or GED
      • Proven Leadership Ability
      • 1x a month church service visits
      • Physical ability to lift, sort, and distribute items
      • CPR-Certified or must have certification prior to obtaining the position
      • Must have the ability to multi-task and have excellent time management skills
      • Must adhere to Incarnation Lutheran Church Mission Statement (see below)
      • Must submit to a criminal background check and random drug screening

      Preferred Skills:

      • Effective Skills: Communication, Verbal, and Writing
      • Proficient with Microsoft Suites Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
      • Knowledge and expertise in the development of the church, community, and individuals
      • Must have a passion and commitment for all people
      • Must be empathic, non-judgmental, and patient
      • Must work within a budget

      Submission requirements:

      • Resume
      • 3 Professional References
      • Valid Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance, and Reliable Vehicle

Applications accepted by FAX, Email or Mail:

FAX  (414) 372-1600
Email:  Access our email via
Subject Line:  “Attention: Neighborhood Minister”

Attention: Personnel Committee
Incarnation Lutheran Church
1510 W. Keefe Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53206

Incarnation Lutheran Church Mission Statement:
The Church is a people created by God in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called and sent to bear witness to God’s creative, redeeming and sanctifying activity in the world.

To participate in God’s mission, the people of Incarnation shall:

Proclaim the Word of God and administer the sacraments through lives of worship, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, witness and service;

Proclaim God’s saving Gospel of justification by grace for Christ’s sake through faith alone;

Carry out Christ’s Great Commission by reaching out to all people to bring them to faith in Christ;

Serve in response to God’s love to meet human needs, caring for the sick and aged, advocating dignity and justice for all people, working for peace and reconciliation among nations, standing with the poor and powerless, and committing ourselves to their needs.

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