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Organist/Choir Director (St. Luke’s, Greendale)

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St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Greendale, WI is seeking an organist/pianist to further develop the music program of the church to greater enhance the religious experience for its members and guests. The candidate should show leadership, an ability to teach, and a passion for music and its influence on a religious service.


 Should have formal music training or degree.

 Highly skilled at playing the organ.

 Skilled at playing the piano.

 Diverse musical knowledge – from classical to contemporary.

 Ability to work with the pastor to choose music that enhances worship.

 Ability to teach people with varying degrees of musical knowledge.

 Ability to simultaneously play and conduct a choir.

 Ability to conduct an instrumental group that plays occasionally throughout the

church year.


 Play organ for all weekly and holiday worship services.

 Play piano as needed (dependent upon music selection for the choir).

 Direct an adult choir, handbell/tone chime group and instrumental ensemble.

 Music selection for all musical groups.

 Be available for weddings and funerals, when possible.


We are also trying to develop a children’s/Sunday School choir, and have a praise band that we would like to grow. Both of these groups could be included in this position, if desired by the candidate, however, we are willing to split the position so that a second person, who would only be required to play piano and conduct, could work to develop these two music programs.

St. Luke’s is an alive congregation with two services each Sunday. We generally use a blended style of worship and enjoy various styles of music throughout the year. We have an Allen Q-370 digital organ that was installed in 2010. It is a 58 stop, three-manual console, featuring 7 distinctive stop lists and is the primary instrument used for worship.

Our position is currently vacant, though we are currently being served by two interim organists and choral directors, and so we hope to begin our interview process as soon as possible. Please note that you will be required to play the organ at your interview.

St. Luke’s is located in the heart of downtown Greendale:
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church
6705 Northway
Greendale, WI 53129

Contact for more information on this position.

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