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Choir Director (Lord of Life, Kenosha)

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Adult Choir Director position; temporary 1-year contract, weekly rehearsals and 3 Sundays per month, midweek Advent and Lenten services, from mid-August through May. Degree in music, music education or related field, with directing experience. Submit resume by June 14, 2017 to


Position reports to:  Pastor
Position is Contracted (1099)
Subject to FLSA:  No

Position Purpose:
This position should seek to glorify God by enriching the congregation’s worship experience through music. The Choir Director is responsible for providing leadership to the Lord of Life Choir to encourage and support excellence in music. The focus of such ministry shall be in enhancing the worship experience, encouraging growth in faith, and supportive fellowship.

Choir Director Responsibilities:

  • Plan and lead weekly rehearsals during the regular choir season (mid-August to late May)
  • Be responsible for the choir’s appearance, sound and delivery
  • Take charge of training, supervising and leading the choir and accompaniment for Sunday worship services. Music should be offered at least 3 times a month during regular Sunday worship services, rotating between the 8 a.m. service and the 10:30 a.m. service. Occasional midweek services during Advent and Lent.
  • Work with the Pastor in planning musical selections that are appropriate for the worship themes and seasonal emphasis; participate in quarterly worship planning
  • Coordinate activities with the choir accompanist to prepare for weekly rehearsals and worship services when the choir is performing
  • Provide information regarding anthems and in a timely manner for the church secretary to prepare the bulletin
  • Oversee the music library
  • Procure instrumentalists when needed, in a timely manner, to enhance the musical selections
  • Provide 2 weeks’ notice in the event of an absence. In the case of illness, the earliest possible notice is requested
  • Maintain liability insurance and provide Certificate of Insurance naming Lord of Life Lutheran Church as Additional Named Insured

Qualifications and Skills:

  • A degree in music, music education or a related field
  • Strong organizational skills, proven leadership skills and experience in preparing and leading a choir
  • Knowledge of a variety of church music genres and the use of music in worship, familiarity with Lutheran liturgical practice preferred
  • Excellent communications skills with congregational staff, volunteers and members
  • Effective as a “team player” and the ability to relate to others with good interpersonal skills
  • Hold ethical values consistent with Lord of Life Lutheran Church



post through 6/14/17
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