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Media & Communications Coordinator (Atonement, Muskego)

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Media and Communications Coordinator


Encouragement and Review: Pastor and Personnel Team Staff Support Person


Hours: 20 hrs per week (Monday-Friday TBD)


Scope:   Collaboration and Support to:

  • The Pastors and all staff
  • Office Coordinator
  • The Church Council, Committee & Ministry Team Leaders
  • The Members of Atonement


The Media and Communications Coordinator (MCC) is the principal creative assistant in support of Pastors and program staff in messaging our ministry.  The MCC will work closely with our Office Coordinator and collaboratively assist staff and members with communicating our ministry.

Please contact Pastor Greg Van Dunk; 414-422-0400.
Atonement Lutheran Church
S70W16244 Martin Drive

Muskego, WI 53150

Required Aptitudes

Devotion to Jesus Christ and the ministry of Atonement Lutheran Church

People person and great teammate-how can I help my colleagues and @1 members in their ministry through this church?

Highly organized

Maintains confidentiality and healthy conflict management (Mt 18:15-17)

Good English, grammar and proofreading skills


Required Technical Skills (or aptitude to learn)

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)

Internet, eg.; Google docs, Email applications

MAC operating system and applications

Adobe InDesign

PowerChurch Online (Database)

Planning Center Online (Worship planning)

WordPress (Web-Site)

Worship liturgy with basic knowledge of hymns/songs


ProPresenter (Worship Media)



Media and Communications

    1. Develop and support activities that communicate Atonement’s (@1) ministry within the church, community and region using social media, the @1 website, @one pages, electronic communications, print materials and other
    2. Create graphics and messages to be shared consistently across publication and communications platforms
    3. Prepare Brochures, Flyers and Posters as requested
    4. Develop and maintain the @1 Web-site
    5. Post sermon audio online each week
    6. Create and maintain Creative Worship Planning resources and documents
    7. Participate in the Creative Worship Planning meetings
    8. Design, create and edit A-V media, ProPresenter backgrounds and graphics for worship
    9. Build ProPresenter play lists for worship
    10. Design, create, record and edit digital stories of our ministry
    11. Maintain Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other media communications
    12. Develop and support @1 public relations campaigns in the community
    13. Advertise @1 events in local and regional press-media outlets
    14. Provide analysis of social media content and communications performance, online consumer commentary. Discern opportunities for consumer engagement on key topics, escalation of potential reputation threats and other related issues

Ministry Assistance

    • Work with staff and committees to advertise events
    • Support our Computer Network Administrator
      • Maintain Computer Software applications (downloads and upgrades)
      • Maintain low level passwords and user IDs

Support and collaborate with the @1 Office Coordinator.

  •  Regular and occasional deadlines will require the Communications coordinator to collaborate with the Media and Communications Coordinator to complete tasks, projects and publications. This will involve creating content, text and graphics.  Examples include: annual report, website maintenance, Bell newsletter, stewardship campaigns, Growth Group emphasis, CYF publications, etc.



The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and work of the Media and Communications Coordinator. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required. The Media and Communications Coordinator may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.


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