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Music/Choral Director, Peace Lutheran (Burlington)

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Peace Lutheran Church in Burlington, WI is looking for a new Music Director for the church. Job description is as follows:

The music director, in collaboration with Pastor and the Worship Committee, will select and prepare/perform music for regular Sunday worship, as well as Christmas, Lenten or special worship services as needed.

This person should enhance the ministry by playing hymns and liturgical music during the worship service each week as overseen by Pastor and Worship Committee.

This person will act as choir director- planning music, accompaniment to songs, rehearsing with choir members, performing during worship services as well as special Christmas and Easter music.

This person must be available to attend Worship Committee meetings for planning purposes. This schedule is flexible and will change to accommodate all members of the committee.

This position could be split into two, Music Director and Choral Director.

This will be a one year commitment with possible option to continue after the one year is up.

Compensation to be discussed at interview.

If interested, please contact

Teresa Forseth
Peace Lutheran Church
349 Wegge Court
Burlington, WI 53105

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