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Office Manager & Church Administrator (St. Mark’s, Waukesha)

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Areas of responsibility include:
Media: Print, digital, and social.
Maintaining high levels of communication among staff, church leadership, and congregation members.
Maintaining high levels of organization, and possessing a working understanding of managing office responsibilities.
Creating weekly bulletins; handling webpage maintenance. (Additional workload will include financial accounting services.)
Friendly and approachable personality, self-motivated. 

Part-time, Monday – Thursday, approx. 7 hours/day.

Position is open for immediate hire.

Compensation is competitive and based upon credentials and experience.

Call or email for additional information.

Information about contact person
Contact person’s name:
Don Neitzel
(414) 305-7393
Congregation/Organization’s website:
Congregation/Organization’s Address:
St. Marks Evangelical Lutheran Church
424 Hyde Park Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53072


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