Since the beginning of the Luther Decade in 2008, 500 trees are being planted in the Luther City of Wittenberg, Germany. They are meant to be green monuments in the memory of 500 years of living Reformation.  Called the Luther Garden, the project was initiated by the Lutheran World Foundation in Geneva and stresses the ecumenical significance of the Reformation anniversary. The first 270 trees are from all continents with a center garden in the shape of the Luther rose.

Tree #380 was planted on December 20, 2016 and is labeled Meru Diocese, Usa River, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) and Greater Milwaukee Synod, Wisconsin (ELCA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, USA

To quote the Luthergarten website: A tree symbolizes the ecumenical fellowship of the Lutherstadt Wittenberg with Milwaukee, USA and Meru, Tanzania.

The Evangelical Lutheran Greater Milwaukee Synod in the state of Wisconsin, USA, donated a tree for the Luthergarten, which was planted on December 20, 2016. The synod maintains a close partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Meru Diocese in the north of Tanzania and would like to celebrate not only the Reformation Jubilee but would also like to honor Bishop Akyoo of the Meru Diocese who was a long-standing ecumenical partner and was recently retired. Rev.  Hartmut Barsnick from Ströbeck, the church district of Halberstadt, Germany, works in the South of Tanzania for 6 months every year. For three month he also helps out in the Greater Milwaukee Synod and is also part of the Diocesan Working Group “Meru”. Therefore, he has known Ms Julie Starks for many years. She is the one, who coordinated the tree planting campaign on behalf of the Greater Milwaukee Synod and asked Mr. Barsnick to represent Milwaukee in Wittenberg.”

Revelation 22,2: ” … and the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.”



Rev. A Ndosi planted a tree at Morogoro Junior Seminary in honor of the Reformation. (Submitted by Aleta Chosek October 30, 2017)

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