Grants Administrator & Operations Manager
(or Coordinator, depending on experience level)

Position Description

Job Summary:
The Grants Administrator & Operations Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer & President. This role is a key operational link across the Foundation’s program areas and administrative functions that allows the right candidate to deepen his/her knowledge of philanthropy and foundation operations while having a significant impact within a faith-based context. In addition to functioning as a team player with his/her co-workers internally, the incumbent will interact with clergy and other representatives from all Lutheran denominations, high school and college administrators and faculty, auditors, bank representatives, investment managers, consultants, public officials, clients of funded programs and the Siebert Board of Directors, treating all with professionalism, respect and dignity.

The role encompasses:
• Serving as the Secretary to the Board of Directors, including supporting the COO and CEO in agenda preparation, and developing and maintaining corporate meeting records.
• As Grants Administrator, the incumbent is the primary administrator for certain grant programs: Seminary Education, Pastoral Leadership Development, Summer and Year-Round Youth Ministry programs, and other programs as assigned, as well as being the internal consultant to other staff re: the functionality of the grant technology platform.
• As Operations Manager (Coordinator), the incumbent ensures efficient management of the Foundation’s office, including technology systems and operations, grant processing, tracking of grant payments and multi-year commitments, functioning at the day-to-day liaison to the outsourced accounting partner and audit firm, oversight of facilities and related contracts, and business operations.
• In addition, employee benefits/policy administration, working within the parameters of the Employee Handbook and policies established by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, is a small role within the broader position.
• Depending on the candidate’s education and professional background, grant and outcomes evaluation may also be embedded into the role.

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required. This individual must demonstrate effective verbal and written communication skills, exceptional attention to detail, interpersonal skills to function as a positive force within the internal team and to represent the Foundation well internally and externally, commitment to lifelong learning, strong problem-solving skills, savvy with technology resources, and skills to lead, facilitate and participate in meetings with a wide range of stakeholder groups. Active commitment to the Christian faith is required, with a preference for Lutheran candidates (Lutheranism is not required).

Specific Job Duties:

Secretary to Board of Directors:
Serves as the Secretary to the Board of Directors to maintain corporate records, including attending and developing corporate meeting minutes for all Board and Committee meetings.

Grant Administration:
Work with other program staff to ensure prompt and effective filtering of phone or email initial inquiries, Letters of Intent (LOIs) and Grant Applications to assess fit with the Foundation’s interests and funding priorities.

Maintain and coordinate the Foundation’s web-based grant management system, Foundant Grant Lifecycle.

Manager, or any future grant management system. Coordinate employee training, ensure effective use of, and
identify opportunities for ongoing process improvements.

Administer the grant programs that are managed as “block grants,” e.g. annual seminary scholarship aid grant
program, pastoral leadership development grants, the Lutheran high school tuition assistance program, summer
youth programs, and other grant programs as assigned.

Ensure that effective communication flows to and from grantees to include grant approvals, grant agreements,
denials, etc., increasingly relying on technology to ensure this is done efficiently, while maintaining a focus on
relationship management.

The Grants Administrator & Operations Manager must be proficient in the understanding and use of technology to
facilitate effective work flow and process, particularly web-based grant management systems, Intuit QuickBooks,
and Microsoft 365 Office, with particular proficiency in Excel, Word and cloud-based document storage. In
addition, the incumbent must have 2-3 years of demonstrated experience working in a tech support role as a
generalist or liaison to outsourced suppliers. Candidates who are familiar with Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager,
FoundationConnect, Gifts and/or other grant management systems are preferred.

Assess ongoing technology needs of the Foundation, and manage computer/phone systems, hardware and
software maintenance, upgrades, and replacements as needed, working in partnership with contracted tech
support firm.

Lead technology project teams, as needed, to assess the selection of and implement new systems to facilitate
more effective processes, including a Customer Relationship Management system, better integration between
accounting systems and the grant platform, etc

Facilities Management:
Function as primary liaison to landlord, facility service providers, e.g. security systems, etc., to ensure effective and
efficient operation of office facilities.

Maintain financial records in QuickBooks and perform duties to fulfill accounts payable and purchasing, and grant
payment obligations, serving as the day-to-day liaison to the outsourced CPA firm. Interacts with financial
professionals, accountants, consultants and other organizations essential to the
Foundation’s financial management in order to provide information and services to complete the monthly financial
statements, annual PF-990 tax filing and annual audit.

Maintain a working relationship with the Foundation’s insurance brokers (business insurance and employee
benefit providers); serve as a communications conduit to employees re: benefit renewals, changes, etc. Prepare
an annual benefits review for presentation to the Executive Committee as part of its annual compensation review.

Salary range:
The compensation for this full-time salaried position, depending on the credentials, salary history
and experience of the candidate selected, will fall within an annual range of $55,000-80,000, based on a market
rate assessment.

Siebert Lutheran Foundation offers a generous benefits package, including funding 90% of employee
individual or family medical insurance premium, and contributing 15% of salary into a tax-deferred SEP employee
pension plan.

Brenda Skelton, Chief Executive Officer,
at by submitting a resume and cover letter. No phone calls please.

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