Job Title:  Youth Ministry Coordinator
This position has an immediate opening, and is part-time.
Applicants should submit resumes and references to with the subject line “Youth Ministry Coordinator” by July 2, 2018.
FLSA Status: exempt



General Purpose of the Job:  The Youth Ministry Coordinator serves as the program leader for our 9th grade confirmands through college youth, approximately 15 to 22 years of age.  The Coordinator plays a prominent role in making St. John’s the most important place where our youth will experience spiritual growth outside of their own homes.  The Coordinator leads the Youth Ministry Team in planning, organizing, recruiting and equipping volunteers and in mobilizing members to achieve program goals. Duties are expected to average 15 hours per week.

Essential Duties: 

  • Collaborating with the pastoral staff to establish overall Youth Ministry goals and ensuring that they fit in with the Congregations overall goals.
  • Evaluating, updating and planning the youth curriculum and programming to ensure materials and resources are available to support a positive experience for the youth.  This includes adapting weekly lessons from the curriculum for use and communicating the weekly theme focus to volunteers. Purchasing needed supplies and equipment.
  • Coordinating and executing the various Youth Ministry programs.  Troubleshooting challenges and supporting volunteers involved in the programs.  Planning and handling logistics for retreats, mission trips and cross generational events such as; Lock-ins, Lock-outs, Youth Quake, Boundary Waters, service trips, National Youth Gathering, etc.  Coordinating fundraising, as needed, to support events.
  • Recruiting and coordinating volunteers for leading, shepherding, and assisting in youth programs. Being available to fill in as necessary for volunteer absences.  Providing support and guidance to volunteers.
  • Promoting and marketing the Youth Ministry.  Communicating program goals, expectations, stewardship milestones, and important dates with volunteers, parents, students and congregation. This is done through direct communication to participant families; announcements and articles in Happenings, InSpire, and Next Steps; and use of congregational social media.  Creating an annual report of activities.
  • Building relationships with participants and their parents with a particular focus on helping to welcome and connecting new students and their families.
  • Developing and managing the Youth Ministry budget.  Maintaining records of stewardship, class rosters, registration forms, and other data for church records.
  • Working with the Greater Milwaukee Synod to coordinate with, as possible, other congregations and Synod staff for events and training opportunities.
  • Serving as a consistent role model for our youth by demonstrating faith and serving as an ethical and reliable friend and confidant.  Actively participating in worship, communion, small group ministry and other activities of the St. John’s faith community.

Marginal / Non-Essential Duties:  

  • Participating in weekly staff meetings.                                                                                    
  • Participating in continuing education experiences as supported by St. John’s.                      
  • Meeting regularly with Children, Youth and Families ministry leaders for ministry support.

Working Relationships:  Reports to Children, Youth and Families Ministry Leader.  Does not supervise any employees but coordinates and directs the efforts of Youth Ministry volunteers.


Skill and Knowledge Requirements:  

  • Must be knowledgeable of the congregation’s overall goals as they relate to the Youth Ministry.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Youth Ministry, or related field, or equivalent life/work experience.
  • Must have an understanding of Lutheran theology and the ability to integrate it into the Youth Ministry programming.
  • Demonstrated skills in organization.
  • Must have effective communication, interpersonal, and teamwork skills to interact effectively with supervisor, congregation members and visitors, youth and their families.
  • Maintains a positive professional attitude at all times.
  • Respects the dignity and basic rights of each youth and their family members.
  • Must pass drug screen and criminal record check.

Physical Demands:  Most work is performed in a small office environment.  The job requires frequent moving throughout the facility. There are frequent verbal communications with people in person or by telephone. Some time is spent seated at a desk with access to telephone and computer.   Some travel and participation involved for trips and off-site events. Being present and available each Sunday (8am to Noon) September through May to coordinate the needs of the Youth Ministry.

Mental Demands:  The position requires independent and strategic thinking as well as ability to be self-motivated to identify and complete essential duties.  Some duties require precision and adherence to strict time deadlines. Stress levels can fluctuate with unpredictability of children, coordinating volunteers, listening to and addressing complaints.

This job description is a summary of the typical functions of the job and not a comprehensive list of all possible duties.  Other responsibilities and duties, which are not included in this description, may be assigned to the job incumbent.

Prepared By: Tom Potratz, John Seamonson, and Melissa Seamonson. Prepared Date:  4/9/2018

Approved By: Church Council Approved Date:  6/11/2018

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