youngbinterPastor Rachel Young Binter
Major: Life

Why I love being a campus pastor: I believe abundant life comes from being deeply connected to the sacred in ourselves, others, and the world around us – just as Jesus said.  As a campus pastor, I actually get paid to have experiences of that really amazing connection as students share their lives with me while flipping pancakes on Wednesday mornings, or we have faith conversations around candles in the prayer room during Monday night class, or we share bread and wine and prayer and peace at worship on Thursdays, or we set out to explore how our lives can make a difference in our local community or on a spring break service and learning trip. My life has been changed, deepened, stretched and made holy by the students I have had the pleasure of standing with.  It is the best job in the world!

Brenda Moe
Major: Information Science And Technology

Why I love being a Peer Ministry: Peer Ministry has really become part of my day to day routine and all the events we put on become the highlights of my week. The Corner House is definitely my home away from home where I come to take a breath and a break from a rigid school schedule. At the Corner House I can be myself and learn about others. Being a peer minister only amplifies that fun! I was able to schedule my own event the Friends, Faith, Fibers group that meets once a week and the folks that have learned are hooked! I am forever grateful for Corner House and would recommend being a peer minister to anyone willing to have a good time growing in their faith.

Allie Dewey
Major: Architecture

Why I love being a Peer Minister: I love being a peer minister at the Corner House because the people there are family. The Corner House is filled with loving and caring individuals that truly care about how you are doing in school as well as your faith journey. They take time to get to know you and make you feel welcomed. They challenge and support you and your relationship with God and are there for support when needed. As a first-time peer minister, I am looking forward to helping create this inviting and welcoming space that others created for me.

Allie Habeck
Major: Creative Writing

Why I love being a Peer Minister: The second you walk through the door of The Corner House, you can just feel the love radiating from the space and the people that inhabit it. I love being able to come into the house and know that we are all here to support each other and are all intentional and passionate about creating a genuine community. The community here at The Corner House is a wonderful, safe place; a place where we can come, leave the stress of school and life behind and fully be present in our faith. The Corner House has truly become my home away from home and the people within it, my family.

Marissa Knopick
Major: Sociology

Why I love being a Peer Minister: Lutheran Campus Ministry has really given me a place to learn and grow in my faith as well as help others grow in theirs. It’s not everyday that you get to go to work and feel like you are at home with people you love. The Corner House has helped me to listen to the call that God is sending to me and fully step into the world as a faithful child of God. I am able spread the message of God’s love to everyone and anyone who is willing to hear it and it is with Pastor Rachel and all the other wonderful people I work with that I am able to do that. The Corner House has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life and I am so lucky to be able to do that for others as well.

Delaney Doersch
Major: Film

Why I love being a Peer Minister: Becoming a peer minister wasn’t ever a question for me.  The thing I’ve loved the most about The Corner House from the start was the opportunity to have quality conversations, relationships and community. Because of this, I knew I wanted others to feel the same love I did, and that’s why I’m a peer minister.

Jacob Mansfield
Major: Architecture

Why I love being a Peer Minister: My first year at the Corner House I felt very welcomed and was shown a lot of kindness. It became a home away from home for me. I loved the mission and the message of Corner House so when I was inquired about being a Peer Minister, I gladly accepted the opportunity because I wanted to be a part of offering that same welcoming and inviting spirit, offering a home away from home, and just space for people to feel connected to each other.

Emma Schmick
Major: MCEA Special Education
Why I love being a Peer Minister: I love being a part of a chosen family that supports and loves each other while learning to live apart from our biological families. I love being able to further my faith journey while supporting others to do the same as well as providing new students an opportunity to feel welcomed and held in our ministry.

Sydney Tidler
Major: ASL/English Interpretation

Why I love being a Peer Minister: The Corner House provides a place of community, and a place where my faith and beliefs can intersect. It provides students with a home away from home, with a place where they can grow. The Corner House creates a space for students to learn about social justice issues, and it provides viable ways to participate and commit to social justice issues. I enjoy being able to learn from and connect with others, and being able to delve into theology that affirms who God made us to be.

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