Sunday, September 24, 2017

Bishop Paul Erickson of the Greater Milwaukee Synod and Bishop Elias Nasari of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania – Meru Diocese (ELCT-DME) have set the last Sunday of September as our annual Common Day of Prayer. The Meru Committee will exchange prayer requests with the DME. We invite the churches of the GMS to send prayer requests to Ruthann Rohde, communication liaison with the DME, by Tuesday September 5, and they will be forwarded to the Diocese. For the purpose of this day we should, for the most part, not include prayers that are specific to individuals.  Here is the beginning of our list:

†      Prayer for the continuation of our partnership and commitment to walk together as brothers and sisters embracing the values of accompaniment

†      Prayer for the congregations of the Greater Milwaukee Synod and the entire ELCA as we seek to find new ways to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a world that needs to hear a grace-filled message of love and forgiveness

†      Prayer for the congregations and leaders in our companion synod in El Salvador as they combat economic and social injustice

†      Prayer for the young people in our congregations and communities as they begin a new school year

†      Prayer for our church, the ELCA, and our country as we struggle with the lasting legacy of racism

†      Prayer for wisdom in leadership for all who serve in our government

†      Prayer for peace among our citizens and among citizens of the world

†      Prayer for solutions to the challenges of climate change

†      Prayer for solutions to food insecurity in this country

†      Prayer for farmers and all who work in food production

†      Prayer for relief for our citizens who have lost homes, businesses, and loved ones to fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters

†      Prayer for lasting solutions to the lack of affordable housing for our nation’s poor people

†      Prayer for sustainable solutions to the opioid addiction epidemic in our country

†      Your suggestions—send to by September 5

In the coming weeks look for the requests that the DME will be sending to us and lift them up in your worship services the weekend of September 23-24. You may wish to also add an African flair or emphasis to your worship by singing African hymns, using the Masai Creed, displaying Tanzanian artifacts, sharing news of partnership activities with your congregations, etc. Let your congregations know that just as we are focused on their prayer requests on that day, so too our Tanzanian brothers and sisters are lifting up our requests on our behalf—a powerful expression of our shared faith and friendship.

You may want to take a special love offering for the DME. Current areas of need include Nkoaranga Hospital, and the Professional Education Fund which supports teachers and seminarians.

Asante sana!

© 2017 Greater Milwaukee Synod

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