To assist and support synods and congregations in their ministries, a list of leaders and congregations participating and engaging persons with disabilities (such as children with autism, teens contemplating suicide, members of all ages living with trauma and depression, and aging members or others with mobility challenges having ADA access to the altar, fellowship hall, worship area, and bible studies) is being created by Disability Ministries at the Lutheran Center.

Do you know someone doing great ministry related to disabilities?

Since publishing their Disability Ministries Newsletter, Disability Ministries of the ELCA have been receiving inquiries from congregations asking about ways to learn about recommended resources and best practices for those developing new ministries or expanding upon an existing ministry with and for persons with disabilities. Several congregations are beginning to include sign language interpreters; a good number of congregations are starting/expanding a recovery ministry for persons living with addiction or mental health diagnosis; some are dedicated to creating a more welcoming environment for full participation and leadership for persons living with physical disabilities (sight loss, hearing loss, or mobility challenges).

We’d like your help.

Help us identify those ministries who are doing great work by telling us… Who is doing what ministries related to disabilities in your area? How can we best connect/learn more about them and help you become involved?

Send Disability Ministries of the ELCA a name (person or ministry), where they are located (contact information), or simply a newsletter article about those doing the amazing work that God entrusts to us.  We’ll not only provide a list and opportunities for networking for those doing the work, but share available information and resources with you upon request.

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