Dear friend in Christ,

As the ELCA Federal Credit Union enters our second year, we are delighted to begin offering savings accounts and certificates of deposit to ELCA congregations and related ministries.

Throughout our first year as the ELCA’s newest financial ministry, we have been helping ELCA members and employees realize significant savings on loans and lines of credit, while offering the full electronic access members expect today.

Now your congregation is eligible to join our new financial cooperative.

You, too, as an individual member of the ELCA, are eligible to join our credit union and take advantage of more competitive rates, fewer fees and enhanced services. Credit unions can offer these benefits to members because, as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, we return profits directly to members. In fact, in our first year of operation, we’ve saved individual members an average of nearly $1,500 in finance charges over the life of their loans, compared with outside lenders. We’re excited about the positive financial impact we’re having for our members.

To apply for membership for yourself or your congregation—or to learn more about our products and services—visit our website:

Or call us toll free at 877-715-1111.

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