Outreach for Hope is again offering Lenten Devotions in 2019. Please join us as we embark upon the 2019 Lenten season with 40 thought-provoking devotions themed  Hope for the Journey.

In keeping with our Outreach for Hope vision, that strong, vibrant ministries will be centers of HOPE in the midst of every community challenged by poverty within the Greater Milwaukee Synod, we will present devotions acknowledging that together, as well as individually, we are all on a path that we hope takes us to a better place.

Devotions will arrive beginning Ash Wednesday, and continue daily through Lent (March 6 – April 20, 2019, excluding Sundays). If you received our 2018 Lenten Devotions by Email, you are automatically scheduled to begin receiving the 2019 Outreach for Hope Lenten Devotions in the same Email box.

Churches are encouraged to make these devotions available, whether electronically or in a printed set. A full set of our 2019 devotions will be available on our website (outreachforhope.org) and will be sent directly to church offices via Email on or about February 20, 2019. Coming soon on the website we will also have bulletin messaging and devotion samples.

Anyone can sign up to receive these devotions by Email through this link: https://outreachforhope.org/subscribe/

Be sure to include your first and last name, check the box labeled Lenten Devotions, and click Subscribe.

We hope these devotions will encourage and uplift, while deepening your appreciation for the many congregations and ministries supported by Outreach for Hope.  

For questions or to offer an updated email address, please contact the Synod office, 414-671-1212 or maripat@outreachforhope.org.

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